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Oswego, NY Roof Snow Removal

While snow-covered roofs can make for a picturesque upstate New York winter scene, the combination of freshly fallen snow with the melting and refreezing of snow can place stress on the roof of your residential home or business. Depending on snow density, your slanted roof may be able to safely support up to 2-4 feet of snow accumulation. The most common reason homeowners rake their roof is to prevent the creation (or reduce the impact) of ice dams.

Snow Removal Tips

The amount of snow and ice your roof can support will depend on a number of factors, including the roof type, as well as the age and condition of the structure. But a good rule to keep in mind is if more than a foot of heavy, wet snow and ice has accumulated on your roof, you should have it removed.   

Clearing the snow off your roof from the gutters or eaves upwards of three to four feet after each winter storm can help prevent ice dams from forming. Remember to avoid using a ladder in snowy and icy conditions. This can be extremely dangerous and is best left to professionals.  Contact Oscar Roofing Inc. for all your roof snow removal needs.

For Flat Roofs

If your flat roof is easily accessible from an interior stairway, you may want to shovel the roof, but be careful not to damage the roof covering. Make sure you can safely access the roof and stay a safe distance from the edge while you work. Better yet, consider hiring Oscar Roofing Inc. to clear the roof.

For Sloped Roofs

It may be possible to remove the snow and ice from your sloped roof using a roof rake – a long-handled tool designed specifically for this purpose. Stand on the ground and pull as much of the snow off the eaves as you can safely reach. Due to the hazards involved in removing snow and ice we recommend hiring a professional like Oscar Roofing, Inc.

Get Professional Help to Remove Snow from Your Roof

Snow removal can be a difficult and dangerous undertaking. Consider leaving the task to professionals like Oscar Roofing, Inc. 

Start scouting reputable companies in the fall to enlist their aid so you’re not scrambling to hire one at the last minute when they may be steadily booked. Before hiring any roofing contractor check their references. Always make sure any contractor you hire is qualified, insured and bonded.

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