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  • Do you charge for quotes or estimates?
    No. In-person consultations and quotes are always free. Call 315-529-1538 or email us to schedule an in-person consultation and receive a quote for your roofing project.
  • Will my project require a building permit?
    Most roofing projects don’t require a permit. In the event one is necessary, the property owner will be responsible for the cost of obtaining it. We’ll determine if a permit is necessary and advise you on your options.
  • How long will my roofing project take?
    It varies. Factors like project size, the install season and the amount of customization required will ultimately determine your roofing timeline. Once your project is scoped, your Project Coordinator will provide you with an install timeline.
  • What roofing materials do you recommend?
    Our roofing experts will carefully evaluate your roof in terms of area, layout, slope, exposure and architecture to determine the best roofing material for your unique roofing project. We’ll present you with the options during our in-person meeting so you can make an educated decision. View our recommended Shingles page.
  • Is a roofing layover an option?
    It can be, yes. But a roofing layover—or layering—is a temporary solution and may end up causing damage to your roof and your wallet. In our experience, layering can invite problems like moss that will damage both the old and new shingles. In the end, this could cost you more than if you were to install a quality new roof.
  • Will you handle & dispose of the torn off materials from my roof?
    Your Oscar Roofing team will dispose of any materials removed from your old roof. During the process, they’ll work with you on where to place materials for disposal, where new materials are staged and where to park vehicles.
  • Does your quote include removal of my old roof?
    Yes. We’ll provide you a detailed quote that includes removal of the old roof.
  • Who should I contact if I have questions during a project?
    Your Project Coordinator. If you have questions during installation, your Project Coordinator will be the one to answer them. You can also call 315-529-1538 or email
Shingle Roof Illustration - Oscar Roofing, Inc.
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